Y's Hand

Character Information
Gender  ???
Age  ???
Race Human
Occupation Clockmaker
Media Information
Light Novel Debut Volume1 Prologue (mention)
Manga Debut Clock 1 (mention)

Y is the one who rebuilt Earth into Clockwork Planet. He is also the one who created the Initial Y-Series.



His full appearance hasn't been shown so far.


He is a genius clockmaker, capable of rebuilding the dead planet into a clockwork planet. He is the creator of the Initial Y-Series, said to be the maintenance machines for the planet, though it is said to be wrong by RyuZU.

Character HistoryEdit

30 years after the Earth suddenly died, Y announced to the world that he can rebuild Earth into a clockwork planet using his blueprint. After he completed the clockwork planet, he designed and developed the Initial Y-Series, a series of highly advanced automata who excel at one or more aspects.


Naoto MiuraEdit

A retired mechanic claimed that Naoto is actually "Y" himself at the end of Chapter 24 (Manga)


  • Information will be added when it is available.


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