Character Information
Population 40 Million
Status Exist
Location Japan
Media Information
Light Novel Debut Volume 1 Prologue
Manga Debut Chapter 1

 Tokyo is a grid in Clockwork Planet series.



Akihabara (秋葉原 Akihabara is the place where the "terrorism attack" by Naoto Miura's group take place. It is based on Akihabara.

A long time ago,  Akihabara is abustling area well known as the district for electronics, and still remained as the capital of the most advanced environment. There were anime, manga, games, and also gears, machine parts, and automated parts. It was a city of entertainment, with shops ranging from large to small, a hotbed of activity.

Tokyo TowerEdit

Tokyo Tower is an old radio tower and historical relic preserved for more than 1000 years. In the past, it was Tokyo landmark, but because the electricity was abandoned, it became obstacle. It was destroyed by Naoto Miura's group by freezing it, and let it be crushed by it's own weight.

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