TemP (テンプ, Tenpu) is the 3rd unit of the Initial-Y series. Her master is "Ω".

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Temp has orange-reddish hair with green eyes and is shorter than Ryuzu. She wears an old-fashioned styled dress with a green headband that looks like leaves, and white stripped blue leggings with green on them. Her clothes have a natural feel to them.

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As an Automata created by Y, her power rivals her siblings.

Character History Edit

200 years ago, TemP was destroyed by RyuZU and could not be restarted until Ω repaired her.

Relationships Edit


She and Ryuzu have a bad relationship, as Ryuzu destroyed her for unknown reasons.


It is likely that Temp and Anchor aren't very close as none seem to care or even mention the other.


As both were inactive it is hard to tell if Temp misses her older sister.

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