1 Person and 1 Person (1人と1人, 1-ri to 1-ri) is the 8th chapter of Clockwork Planet manga series.

Summary Edit

The gang arrive inside the core tower to find the Meister Guild attempting to fix the gravitational anomaly themselves. Marie introduces the team to their secret weapon, Naoto, who meanwhile admires the inner clockwork of the tower. Naoto observes the faults in the mechanism through his sense of hearing and pinpoints 18 defects. The repairmen and the gang get to work to fix the malfunctions and within a matter of time they succeed in stabilizing the anomalies. Everyone celebrates their work and praise Naoto for helping them find the problems, but their cheers are cut short by a call urging everyone to evacuate - the military had preemptively begun the purge.

Events Edit

  • The group come to core tower
  • Naoto use his hearing to determine the anomalies
  • The clockmakers working hard to fix the anomalies
  • The purge begin



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