• IkiWIA


    January 2, 2016 by IkiWIA

    I'm aware that the Novel, Manga, and Wikia are new, so there will be a lot of stubby articles that Wikia won't like. Some ways to destub an article could be:

    • Adding footnotes as citation. (Come on, really?)
    • Writing a lot. (NUUUU!)
    • Anything you've realised makes these articles "Wikia trustworthy".


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  • DarksLight21

    A Helping Hand

    July 1, 2014 by DarksLight21

    This wiki needs more contibutors and editors. There are many ways to help, particularly

    1. Editing, This one is very important, since i'm not confident with my English. If there are any mistakes, or a better words and sentence, please edit it into a better version.
    2. Contributing articles/information, This one is important too, since i i have limited time to do everything alone.
    3. Uploading and adding pictures,
    4. Etc..
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