BezEL is the 2nd unit of the Initial-Y series. She is currently inactive and kept secret by the royal family of Conrad's country.


Nor anything is known about her personality .


Nothing is known about her appearance , but she was probably crafted very beautifully, just like her sisters by Y.

Abilities & EquipmentEdit

Her abilities are currently unknown, as she is deactivated .

Character HistoryEdit

BezEL was inactive for unknown reason and at some point, the royal family from Conrad's homeland came into possession of it. Nothing else is known about this legendary automaton.

Relationships Edit

Anchor : There is no known interaction or bond between the two, as Anchor was not affected by her deactivation. Ryuzu: There is no known interaction or bond between the two, as Ryuzu was not affected by her deactivation Temp: Whether Temp was upset by her sister's deactivation is unknown as Temp was powered down by Ryuzu until she was fixed.



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